The Artistic Journey of David Guez : A Confluence of Colors and Cultures

Special focus on “Monaco - Gold on Black”, “a powerful statement on the beauty and complexity of simplicity”. The Artworld Post.

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David Guez : A Journey Through Abstract Expressionism

Mary W writes a thrilling review about David’s work. Where Creativity Meets Perspective | The Art Insight.

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Specchi dell´Io : esplorando l´identità personale

This collective exhibition delves into the fascinating world of personal identity. 05.04 - 19.04 2024 at Galleria Cael, Milan.

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Spiritual Landscape goes Saint-Tropez

An exclusive selection of works to discover 29.03 - 15.04 2024 at JD Art Gallery, Saint-Tropez.

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Spiritual Landscape : the curator´s words

Italian art critic Paolo Levi about the works featured in Spiritual Landscape, David Guez´s latest solo exhibition in Monaco.

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David Guez's Spiritual Landscape Unveiled in Monaco

"More than an artistic showcase; it is a harmonious symphony of colors, emotions, and spiritual revelations". Editorial & Art | Stylezza

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Spiritual Landscape by My Little Monaco

An enthusiastic cultural review and refreshing tour of the exhibition by Agathe from My Little Monaco Blog.

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Spiritual Landscape solo exhibition | Monaco

Immersive a journey within the very artworks featured in Monaco, introducing this beautiful exhibition curated by Paolo Levi and Lea Foà.

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Spiritual Landscape solo exhibition | Tel Aviv

A successful event bringing together a unique body of past and more recent works, shown together to the public for the first time at D&M Art Concepts gallery.

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Meet The Artist - David Guez

A stimulating radio interview with Georges Hazan. Nation Impact, RCJ.

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