18 dec. 2023 - 19 dec. 2023
Spiritual Landscape
Fairmont Hotel Monte Carlo - Monaco
Spiritual Landscape
The Monaco Exhibition Highlights
Spiritual Landscape — this is the title of artist David Guez´s most recent solo exhibition, which opened at Fairmont Hotel Monte Carlo in Monaco, on December 18–19, 2023.
Spiritual Landscape series previously presented in Venice
Three paintings from the Spiritual Landscape series were previously presented in Personal Structures, an emblematic group exhibition organized by the European Cultural Centre in Venice, Italy, at the Palazzo Bembo. Personal Structures was an outstanding group exhibition held in three art venues in Venice as an official Collateral Event of La Biennale di Venezia.
`Carving´on the canvas surface
the immaterial landscapes
David Guez´s abstract painting has been drawing professional interest with his stunning aesthetics but also his sculptural approach to the canvas. Guez´s Spiritual Landscapes are painted using a knife instead of a brush. This approach to materiality freezes time into stances of sculptural reflections of the artist’s rich and complex inner world. Guez is `carving´ on the canvas surface the immaterial landscapes he’s been fascinated by with a mystical attraction.
Guez´s abstract aesthetics
shape new frequencies
As the exhibition curator Paolo Levi stated, Guez´s painting practice is rooted in the American tradition of informal art, which he revisits and elaborates on with his abstract representations of pure form. Yet, David Guez does not only draw inspiration from 1950s American abstractionism, but he stubbornly manages to adapt it to contemporary conversations between painting and sculpture. The sculptural features of Guez´s abstract aesthetics shape new frequencies from the artist´s fascinating universe, which does not cease to amaze us in our increasingly immaterial and virtual world of interactions.
These golden, yellow,
and red painterly signs
Spiritual Landscape consists of seventy-one large-scale canvases of oil paintings, most of which seem almost monochromatic. Guez´s use of a single background color is neither accidental nor boring, as he “interrupts the dominant color with other micro-informal bodies in an unsettling way, almost warning us that his monochromatic territory can expand infinitely but can be interrupted with these golden, yellow, and red painterly signs.” The micro-informal bodies, as curator Paolo Levi describes them, are thus `painterly signs´ that allow us to decode Guez´s painting practice by looking at art history, process, and the human desire to create, which give the artist stubborn coherence and inspiring force in the oversaturated field of abstract art.
Spiritual Landscape
An outstanding solo exhibition
in Monaco
David Guez´s pop-up exhibition in Monaco was curated by Paolo Levi, co-curated by Lea Foà, hosted by Fairmont Monte Carlo, and organized with the special care of art consultant Michèle Bittoun.