5 apr. 2024 - 19 apr. 2024
Spiritual Landscape
Galleria Cael - Milano
Mirrors Of The Self :
Exploring Personal Identity
Curator | Loredana Tresin
Assistant Curator | Maria Cristina Bianchi

Italian curator Loredana Trestin selected four large-scale paintings from David Guez’s Spiritual Landscape itinerant exhibition for “Mirrors Of The Self : Exploring Personal Identity,” the most recent group exhibition she curated in Milan at Galleria Cael.
David Guez's
outstanding abstract work
Galleria Cael offered a prime opportunity to gain insights into the narratives behind David Guez's outstanding abstract work. In Milan, Guez's artwork were exhibited in compelling dialogue with over 20 artistic voices whose works explore the complex processes behind forming personal identity and self-determination.
In the American tradition
of Informal Art
As Italian art critic Paolo Levi formerly remarked, Guez's practice is situated in the tradition American tradition of Informal Art. Seventy years later, he continues to convey the disturbing poetic of abstract imagery, intriguing us and demonstrating that it is still possible to narrate through the red, green, the white and blue, as if painting could be infinite.
Opening to the eyes
of consciousness and perception
Paolo Levi describes Guez as a master of vision, claiming that his art feeds the map of an unknown terrain that opens to the eyes of consciousness and perception. In this aesthetic context, David Guez's fresh approach to abstract art blends tradition with a vigorous energy that transforms passion into creative spontaneity on canvas.
With incredible consistency
According to Paolo Levi, it is always interesting to become aware of the research of the Israeli painter David Guez because it is not easy to operate as he does because he operates in an informal key having behind him colleagues, especially in the sphere of the United States, placing them in the 1950s which seems to have said it all; in truth to signal to us that there is still a very interesting space to work on decades and decades later is this very painter with incredible consistency.
Open to further exploration
The Specchi Dell’Io : Esplorando L’Identità Personale | Mirrors Of The Self : Exploring Personal Identity group show is another significant milestone in David Guez’s itinerant exhibition, whose evolving narrative of spiritual landscape is open to further exploration.